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With your Choizzi in palm, you can make easier, quicker and smarter choices

  • Publish a poll

  • Cast a vote

  • Share the result

  • Opinion-seeking

    Get different perspectives from your peers 

  • Self-expressing

    Present your idea through a poll question 

  • View-exchanging

    Voice your opinion by ticking a choice 

  • Content-sharing

    Show fun result to your social community

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Who Gets This

  • By your invite

    For your friends selected from the Choizzi contact list

  • To friends & followers

    For people who are fans and follow your polls on Choizzi

  • At your location

    For the crowd within a certain radius from your current location

  • Among Choizzi World

    For Choizzi users with similar demographics or interests

What Types

Multiple Choice

Vote on 1 of multiple choices.

Yes / No

Vote yes or no.

Star Rating

Give a 1 to 5 star rating on a topic.

% Rating

Give 0 to 100 rating on a topic.

About us

About Us

We are a small group of fun and passionate entrepreneurs based in Hong Kong. We have been successful in our individual fields but we still want to make difference. Through near a year of hard work, we bring you this cool application and hope it sticks with your daily life.

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